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Why Build a Safe Room?

from: Maxx Home Guides

A safe room, or panic room, is a secure location within a home or building designed to provide safety for a family during a terrorist attack, protection from out of control nature, burglaries, or any type of threat. A safe room is a good investment for a home owner, although fortified rooms with heavy security are usually only found in the homes of the rich. People with lots of money probably don't put a budget on designing their room so they can easily spend thousands for a safe room where the family can find haven should an emergency arise.

For the average person, a safe room is where family members can hide or call for help during an emergency situation. There's no need to go overboard and use steel walls and a steel door, although you do need to fortifiy the door that opens outward with fortified walls. A door can be constructed of wood or other material, although it's important the material is very hard to break through. Regardless of what type of door you choose, the doorjamb should be steel so the door can't be easily kicked in.

It's almost important that your safe room doesn't contain any windows that could provide entry for burglars, something you obviously want to prevent. An essential item that should be in the room is a phone, along with water, a first aid kits, food, and any defensive weapon you can get. Medical supplies are also appropriate in the safe room as well in case you need one.

Since it's dificult to predict how long you might be locked in your safe room if an emergency happens, think about ventilation, lighting, and even hygiene. If you're locked in a room for several days or possibly even weeks, it will affect your hygiene, so keep proper hygiene supplies in your room at all times.

Most people invest in a safe room due to the treat of a burglary. Regardless of where you live or how nice the neighborhood may be, a burglary can happen at any time, and when it does, the last thing you should try to do is reason with a burglar or attempt to cooperate with them.

With a safe room available, you can take your family to relative safety until the threat passes. Make sure all family members know the location of the safe room and how and when to use it. If you have children, teach them about the room and it's importance. Never use the room for recreation or as a place for children to play.

If you have a safe room or you're interested in buidling one, make sure you keep the proper supplies on hand, just in case. If you ever have to use the safe room, make sure you keep the keys to open the room inside, so no one else can get in. While in the room, you can call the local authorities, then wait inside until they get to your house and deal with the problem. Never, under any circumstances, come out of your safe room before the police arrive. If a burglary is happening, you'll only make the situation worse.

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